This page will contain all the old screenshots I took. Many of these pictures are now out-dated, but this page may serve as a good basis for comparison to see how my game has developed.

July 24, 2004

Here is a picture of what my primitive CMS looked like. It has since undergone numerous changes to increase usability and aesthetic value.

July 14, 2004

This is where the quest begins, in the Throne Room of the castle of Taspar. Here you can talk to the King and Queen, and also examine nearly everything in the room.

From there, you proceed downstairs. One of the rooms can be seen here, the kitchen. This area includes a Chef who gives you an optional fetch quest to complete for him.

These stairs lead from the dining room (seen at lower left in the picture above) to the basement. I plan to include several dynamic camera rotations in my game, and this is one of them. The camera rotates as you go down the stairs.

Here you can see the dungeon, specifically the storeroom. At lower right are a couple bedrooms, and the dungeon cells can be seen at upper left.

Back on the first floor, the pride and joy of my castle can be seen: a fully operational drawbridge. The watermill located outside is connected to the black corkscrew inside, and both are constantly spinning.

When the lever is flipped, a connection is made between the corkscrew and the gears, which spin the propeller at the top of this picture. This pulls in the chains and raises the drawbridge.

Here it is in action ----->

After the drawbridge is dropped, a ladder can be reached on the east side of the castle...

...which leads to the roof. I will add a couple of treasure chests up here eventually.

Finally, these are the upstairs bedrooms. At the lower left is a mirror which allows the player to save his game. The player will be able to save when his image is reflected.

Well, that's the general tour of my castle. New pictures will be up whenever more content is added. I'm working on my custom menu system now, so expect to see some pictures of that soon.

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