With the Domain community having been around for over a year now, we have seen many great contributions in the area of RPG Maker 2 Guides, FAQs, and Tips. Most tips are simple-to-implement pieces of RPGM2 code that have been give in the RPGM2 Technical Help forum. Some members, however, have taken it upon themselves to write in-depth material to do complicated things with the game, and these types of tips take several pages to express. That being said, I thought it was about time to give those guides a page of their own. If you have a guide which you have written and you believe it will be an important contribution to the Domain, you can e-mail me at doan@doanthenado.com. Your guide must be all-original content, and if anyone else contributed to the writing of your guide, it must be clearly indicated. That being said, here are the guides, in alphabetical order:

3rd Generation ACBS Guide - by Nash
If anyone has seen Nash's games, they know that Active Custom Battle Systems is what he does best (or more accurately, what he does, period). In his work with these types of battle systems, he has unlocked various powers that no one previously thought possible: Content scripts from anywhere, intelligent enemy AI, and more. In this guide he lays the framework for creating your own ACBS based on his latest work. As an added bonus, RealityBites has followed the instructions that Nash laid out in order to create a game save with everything already done for you! It is highly recommended that you go through the guide, anyways, so that you understand what is going on and avoid the embarrassment of asking a question that has already been answered.
Game Save Downloads:    .xps    .max

Custom Camera System - by Doan the Nado
The idea is not original, but the way I wrote the scripts with 6-button, multi-directional camera movement is. The system features a rotate, zoom, and tilt feature which uses the R1, R2, R3, L1, L2, and L3 buttons. Moreover, the system allows you to set camera defaults for each map, turn off custom rotation in some areas, and keep track of camera direction for script-writing purposes. An example of this Custom Camera System can be seen in action in this video demo.

DBS Guide - by WilliamKirk (added 2/20/07)
Designed to show and teach readers how to do the simple and complex things with RPGM2's Default Battle System, this guide is a must-have for anyone doing DBS editing. It steps the user through the overhaul of the current DBS formulas, explicitly telling how to create accuracy/evasion functionality, use items from the bag, limit breaks, and much more.

Map Editor Guide - by The Final Rune (updated 4/11/06)
I know that we have all had trouble with the Map Editor in our experiences with RPG Maker 2. It has a lot of potential, but in order to realize it, you really have to know what you're doing. The Final Rune has become an expert with the Map Editor, and to help us all attain that status without all the work he put in, he has given us a wonderful guide. The downloadable zip file includes both his guide and an RPGM2 save file (in both .xps and .max format) to go along with the guide. Another RPGM2 save has just been added which contains a Demo of a project that TFR was working on; it showcases a few of the things that can be done with the Map Editor.

Music Scripting Guide - by WilliamKirk (added 2/20/07)
An essential guide for information on how to create your own custom music using RPG Maker 2's script editor. The guide is still in development, so if you find it helpful, be sure to let Will know so that he will continue work on it.

RPGM2 Advanced FAQ - by Dungeon Warden
With some help from RPG Learner, Dungeon Warden has created an FAQ that is a must-have tool for beginners trying to learn advanced scripting techniques, and it is also a great reference for veteran users, too. He describes all the information necessary to create useful scripts, giving explanations for all flags, variables, inputs, direct and indirect effects, weapon and magic properties, and line-by-line listings of all the preset scripts. If anyone is interested in having him update this FAQ with even more useful information, be sure to let him know how useful you have found it to be and what you think it is lacking.

VFX Editor Help Information - by RealityBites
At the suggestion of Rodak, Reality took the time to go through the VFX Editor and press Start on every element in order to get the Help info and transcribe it. This file includes all of that data, and is a great reference for anyone using the VFX Editor.

VFX Guide / Tutorial - by Rodak
A collaborative effort led by Rodak, the VFX Guide is something that is long overdue. Many have talked about creating one, but we finally have a "VFX Tutorial for Dummies" that should help us all in our struggles with the VFX Editor. Check out the guide, do the tutorials, and unlock the limitless potential of the VFX Editor! The Editor is in the early stages of creation right now, so what you see is merely a taste of what the completed project will look like.

World Creation Guide - by Doan the Nado
With many members unsure of how to use Action scripts, Enter and Exit Map scripts, and how to properly layout the worlds, I decided it was time to make this guide. Takes the player through everything from laying out the world to placing objects and events to creating the Enter and Exit Map scripts. Also includes notes on perpetual world events and tips on editing the scripts. Any questions can be posted in the Technical Help forum on the message board.