This page now contains only the current save file, videos, and screenshots of my game. Some of this material is in other areas on the site, but this page will serve as a common area to access all media related to my game.

Latest Save File (last updated 11/2/04) (Slot 0):    .xps    .max
Current Videos (last updated 11/2/04)
Old Videos
Current Screenshots (last updated 10/12/04)
Old Screenshots
Hosted Media and Other Media can now be found on the Hosted Material page.

Current Videos

Custom Camera System (created 11/2/04)
See this thing in action with my newly updated video. Notice how the camera angle is maintained upon exiting the menu screen and also across maps. After changing an option in the menu, you can see that the zoom and angle settings are also maintained across maps. A player-controlled camera can make for some interesting perspectives, as I hope you could see in the video.

Custom Menu System (created 11/2/04)
The CMS is probably the thing that has undergone the most changes since my last videos. In battle, each party member will be assigned a controller button, and those are the symbols that you see to the left of each member. In addition, the Options area allows you to change some camera options and access the default X-menu options. Finally, and most significantly, I have added a feature that allows the player to change the party formation, and the leader is displayed during game play.

Drawbridge (created 11/2/04)
This feature was an instant hit in my first video, and with the new capabilities of my CCS, I decided it was time to release a new video that showed the drawbridge from some different views. This remains the accomplishment that I am most proud of.

Updated Castle Tour (created 11/2/04)
There were a few complaints upon the release of the first walkthrough, regarding camera angles being maintained across maps and the unnecessarily long walking times of the dungeon tour. Both of those things have been fixed, along with a few other areas, such as my waterfall and the ladder that goes up to the roof (now activated by a touch instead of having to press X). I tried to focus on my attention to detail, in that many different events can be examined, and everyone has something useful to say in regards to developing the story or the background. I am now happy to say that I am done with the castle area (except I need to add a treasure chest to the roof).

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Old Videos

Many of these video files are outdated, and all of them are zipped to conserve some space.

CCS Demo (created 7/24/04)
Since not many people have an X-Port, here is my CCS at work. I tried to show that the camera direction is maintained now upon switching maps, and that after examining things such as the fireplace, it returns to where it was before. For more about my CMS and CCS, take a look at my Custom Elements.

Initial Walkthrough (created 6/22/04)
This is an 11 minute walkthrough of the first castle in my game, which is the area you start in. The main feature of this demo is the drawbridge that I created using multiple events, VFX, and sound effects to put together a working drawbridge. It also gives you a good look at the rest of the castle, too.

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Current Screenshots

October 12, 2004

These are the latest pictures of my Custom Menu System. See the CMS area of the Custom Elements page for more information

July 26, 2004

I added a waterfall! These four pictures show it at the NW corner of my castle, where it falls from a mountain into a pool and then flows around the castle.

It then goes through my watermill (the one that powers the drawbridge), before joining up with a smaller stream.
The top part of the falls and part of the mountain can be seen from upstairs.

In case you're wondering: My CCS was what allowed me to take these pictures from all of these different angles. I just used the L and R buttons to get an angle I liked, and then took a screenshot.

Old screenshots are still available on a separate page.

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