I created this page for everything that is custom in my game. In the end, I plan to have a Custom Menu System, Custom Battle System, and Custom Camera System. Here's what I have so far:

Custom Menu System (last updated 11/2/04)
Custom Battle System (last updated 10/12/04)
Custom Camera System (last updated 11/2/04)

Custom Menu System

My CMS is coming along quite nicely. I have finally managed to put together a few useful functions. You can now re-order all 8 of your party members, and the party leader is changed accordingly during gameplay. There are also customizable options that change everything from controlling how the camera adjusts across maps to altering default X-menu options. Future options include the ability to disable examination text ("You look through the dresser..."), control of game speed, and control of battle speed. Here are some screenshots showing a few of these changes:

These pictures illustrate how the options sub-menu works while also showing how the display is affected depending on how many members are in the party. The final picture is demonstrating how X-menu options can be changed (by choosing "More Options" in the upper right picture). To see all of this in action, check out this new CMS video demo.

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Custom Battle System

This is soon-to-be my latest endeavor in game creation. I really enjoy coordinating complicated script and event activity, and this is just the place for me to do it. I will be working on a tech demo in the coming weeks that will feature a beta version of the system I plan to use in my finished game. It will include an ATB (active time battle), a unique leveling system, and some tactical movement. If you noticed the controller symbols in my CMS pictures, those are the buttons that will be pressed during battle to choose which character you want to fight with. With 8 separate, controllable members, battles should never get boring.

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Custom Camera System

This part of my game is complete. Pressing L1 and R1 rotate the camera like normal, but I have done it using a variable and sort condition. This enables me to warp back to the proper viewpoint on the regular maps after exiting the menu or battle. L2 and R2 tilt the camera up and down, and L3 and R3 zoom in and out. It didn't take long to implement, and it is a huge improvement to my game. If you want to see it in action, check out this new CCS video demo. If you want to use it in your game, open this text file for help. Please give me credit if you use my scripts, though.

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